Tagaru the movie – behind the scenes!

Tagaru the movie - behind the scenes!

Film making can be very stressful and time consuming with many technicians working tirelessly during the entire schedule of shooting and post production.
What we get to see in the end is a polished product but we can never ignore the hard work and dedication of the crew that came before the finished masterpiece.

We got an opportunity to witness a day in the making of 'Tagaru' , which is now successfully running in the theaters.

Here are a few pictures of what went on behind the scenes.

Thank you Director Soori and Cinematographer Mahen SimmhaΒ for the opportunity :)

Let me know how do you like the pictures in the comments section :)


PS: it's just a day's shoot, you'll not see all the characters from the movie here. so please don't be disappointed! ;)


Tagaru the movie – behind the scenes!
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